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Travelling on the train

Our Programmes

WWII Evacuation Experience


Your children will learn about the evacuation to the country of school children during WWII in a thought provoking way by travelling on a steam train.

Come dressed as an evacuee and visit our authentic air-raid shelter with wartime audio effects
and artefacts.

Presentations about life in wartime Britain; covering food, clothes and rationing.


The Victorians

The presentation takes the children through the social and economic impact of the coming of the railways during the reign of Queen Victoria and what life was like for children then.

Includes a visit to see a Victorian locomotive and carriage.

A Day Out to the Seaside

This programme is especially for the little ones: Nurseries, Pre school etc.

Travel and Transport

Locomotive Footplate

The programme takes the children from the horse and cart, through canals to the railways, and covers the economic, social and commercial benefits that came with the railway era.

Visit the footplate of a steam locomotive and sit in the carriages of the era.


The Coming of the Railways

Learn about the impact railway had on communities and, if your school is close to the Great Western Railway, the detail will include the changes to your town.

The presentation also covers the social and economic effects of the railway on the population and the response to the new technology.


This programme leads the children through the Inventions from the Industrial Revolution.

We try to enlist the help of Mr I K Brunel who would also conduct a workshop that measures tractive effort in a very gentle way.

More Information

If you'd like something other than these programmes please let us know your requirements as we can adapt them to suit your needs.

If you still have questions, please contact the Great Western Society's Education Team, using our School Booking Form.


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