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No 290 - Dean 4 Wheel Composite 1st/2nd

No 290 has four compartments, two 1st class in the middle and two 2nd class, one at each end.

Restoration of this vehicle began in summer 2011, with the requirement of a film company for a restored 4 wheel coach chassis on which to build a replica body. To achieve this the carriage body was removed from the underframe, which was then restored.

Once the underframe was no longer required by the film company, the replica body was removed and work began on rebuilding the original coach body. The body requires a considerable amount of work with substantial repairs to the framing and roof structures, new panels, roof coverings and gutters. The majority of the doors will have to be rebuilt. The interiors will have to be completely rebuilt back to the turn of the last century condition.

One of the interesting features of this vehicle is the wooden ‘Mansell’ wheels, which were popular with many railways in the Victorian period as they gave a quieter ride than all-metal ones.

Under Restoration
Build date
Built at
Original railway
Lot Number
Diag No
26 10
Date Preserved

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