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No 3755 - Churchward Non-Corridor Brake Third

A third class carriage with guard’s compartment and six passenger compartments built in June 1921, this is an example of Main Line & City vehicles which provided a direct service to the City of London from Thames Valley stations. The trains ran from Paddington station on the Metropolitan Line to Moorgate, so the coach bodies were built smaller than usual to fit in the underground tunnels. Thus No 3755 is a forerunner of Crossrail, now named the Elizabeth Line, carriages.

The GWR’s direct trains to the City were withdrawn in 1939. No 3755’s survival until it was preserved in the 1960s was thanks to being sent to South Wales to run in workmen’s trains. 

3755 was restored during the 1980s with the assistance of the Manpower Services Commission, to its as built condition and carrying the post-WW1 Crimson Lake livery. In 2019 the vehicle was repainted into the chocolate and cream livery known as ‘pseudo panelling’ where the steel sides are lined out to match the wooden panelling of earlier carriages. 

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