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No 6824 - Dean 6-Wheel Tricomposite

Dean six-wheel broad gauge tricomposite. Built 1887, Diagram U29, Lot 370.

This was a convertible coach - originally running on a broad gauge frame, the body was built to the loading gauge of the 'narrow' gauge with the end of the broad gauge in view.

Tricomposites (or TriComps) like this were used as through coaches to destinations off the main line saving the change of train for the passengers and luggage.

Two of these coaches have survived, the other being No. 820 at Shildon which has been refurbished as a camping coach, as so many Victorian coaches were in the 1930s.

No. 6824 is currently awaiting restoration. Only the body has been preserved the vehicle currently rests on an ex LMS Stove R underframe.

Build date
Built at
Original railway
Lot Number
Diag No
31 0.75
Date Preserved
Post 1973

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