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No 9520 - Dean Composite Diner

Dean Composite Clerestory Dining Saloon. Built 1903, Diagram H7, Lot 1011.

One of 4 H7 diagram coaches built, under two lots, with a centre galley with 1st class dining one end and 2nd/3rd mixed the other. Of the 4 built two ran on South Wales expresses and the others on West of Englands. This was the first GWR design to feature a centrally placed kitchen. 

9520 was originally numbered 1578. It was sold off by the GWR in the 1930s and ended its days as a cobbler's shop in Newbury. Heavily stripped internally, little remains apart from some wall panelling in the First Class end. 

Only the body has been preserved - the underframe is not original but belonged to 3655 Churchward third, built 1921.

There are no plans to restore this vehicle at present. 


Build date
Built at
Original railway
Lot Number
Diag No
56 0.75
Date Preserved

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