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Policies & Procedures

This section provides access to some of the policies and procedures of Didcot Railway Centre. These are principally of interest to those undertaking work, either paid or voluntary, at the Centre.

Great Western Society Limited Memorandum and Articles of Association (137kb .pdf document)


Policy Development and Approval (104kb .pdf document)
Access Policy (306kb .pdf document)
Access Policy (32kb .doc document)
Access Plan 2020-25 (290kb .pdf document)
Access Plan 2020-25 (92kb .doc document)
Accessibility Guide (External Link)
Ashes Scattering and Memorials Policy (75kb .pdf document)
Carriage and Wagon Operating Policy (53kb .pdf document)
Collections Development Policy (264kb .pdf document)
Conservation Statement (165kb .pdf document)
Cycling Policy (195kb .pdf document)
Documentation Policy (107kb .pdf document)
Education Policy (130kb .pdf document)
Electrical Policy (435kb .pdf document)
Email and Social Media Policy (108kb ,pdf document)
Environmental Policy (1.1Mb .pdf document)
Equality Policy (127kb .pdf document)
Fire Safety Policy (107kb .pdf document)
Health and Safety Policy (283kb .pdf document)
Maintenance Works Policy (115kb .pdf document)
Non-operational Locomotive Conservation Process and Policy (231kb .pdf document)
Publicity and Signage Descriptions Policy (111kb .pdf document)
See also: Publicity and Signage Descriptions Schedule (271kb .pdf document)
Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Persons Policy (299kb .pdf document)
Security Policy (79kb .pdf document)
Whistleblower Policy (306kb .pdf document)
Interpretation Blueprint


Disciplinary Procedure (for employees) (563kb .pdf document)
Grievance Procedure (for employees) (554kb .pdf document)
Problem Resolution Procedure for Volunteers (702kb .pdf document)
Delivery of Goods to Didcot Railway Centre (68kb .pdf document)

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