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1363 - 1361 Class

The 1361 class of five short wheelbase locomotives designed for hauling heavy loads around exceptionally tight curves was built to replace almost identical but worn-out Victorian locomotives. Their design was based on the 1392 class of the Cornwall Mineral Railways, and they were the last saddle tank engines built by the GWR who, unusually for such small machines of this type, fitted them with outside cylinders. They remained virtually unaltered throughout their long working life.

1363 is the oldest genuine Great Western engine at Didcot. She spent most of her working life at Laira (Plymouth), being used in the docks, often to power the ocean liner expresses between ship and mainline station. Because of this she is fitted with full vacuum brake and steam heating equipment.

1363 also spent some time after the second world war on similar work at Weymouth; there trains ran along public roads and for this she was fitted with a warning bell, the mounting holes for which can be seen on the left side running plate, just ahead of the cab. She was named ‘Viking’ for a while there.

After withdrawal from BR Service 1363 remained to become Laira's last steam locomotive, eventually being bought by a group of GWS members and presented to the Society. She trundled in steam to Totnes in August 1964, where she was restored to full working order. In May 1969, 1363 moved to the Society depot at Bodmin, where she received a new front buffer beam, fabricated on a submarine depot courtesy of the Royal Navy. Upon closure of the Bodmin Depot she again moved, this time to Didcot where, after several years in use, and then on static display, she is now under overhaul once more.


Under Overhaul
Build date
Built at
Wheel arrangement
Route availability
All Routes
Barrel diameter
3 feet 10 inches
Barrel length
8 feet 2 inches
Boiler pressure
150 lbs/sq in
Boiler type
Coal capacity
2 tons
(2) 16 x 20 inches
Heating surfaces, firebox
74.75 sq ft
10.71 sq ft
Power class
Superheater area
Tractive effort
14,835 pounds
Heating surfaces, tubes
815.5 sq ft
Water capacity
800 Gals
35 tons 4 cwt.
Wheel diameter
3 feet 8 inches

How 1363 was preserved

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