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Ramp Appeal

Ramping Up the Experience – Creating Easy Access for All

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Ramping Up The Experience (Entrance Ramp Appeal)

The steps at the entrance to Didcot Railway Centre have been challenging to some and impossible for others. In particular, for events aimed at young families, a huge number of prams and buggies have to be carried up the steps and then back down at the end of the visit. Whilst we try to provide help with this, it is not appropriate for a modern visitor attraction.



We are now in a position to build an entrance ramp and a new set of modern-standard stairs. We were fortunate to have been left a significant legacy to allow us to commission the main construction work, but it will consume our capital reserves, which will be needed to conserve the original 1932 buildings.

We seek your support to help us fund the ramp project and allow us to add GWR-style hoop-top fencing and other features to make the ramp an attractive feature as the introduction to Didcot Railway Centre. We are aiming to raise £250,000, which we recognise is challenging in the current economic climate, but we hope you can help.

Railings of the type we would like to replicate - still in use around Didcot Parkway subway steps

The existing subway will be extended with the return leg of the ramp overhead. The intention is to line the wall of this section with glazed brown bricks to match the existing part of the subway. Within that scheme there will be an area of cream bricks upon which individual or corporate donors giving £500 or more will be able to have wording of their choice recorded.

Please email if you wish to make a regular donation by standing order or direct debit.

For more information see the Appeal Leaflet

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