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Black Saint Weekend

On static display in black - November 17th & 18th 2018

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Black Saint weekend  - November 17th & 18th

The Saint’s boiler is now in the frames and has been clad, the fittings and remaining pipework are being fitted, which it is hoped to complete by Christmas; in the meantime, we are working towards an official launch for No. 2999 Lady of Legend next year – hopefully in the spring.

Prior to the launch, we have agreed to display the locomotive in a black livery, which is now being applied, prior to final painting in the Edwardian lined green livery which she will carry in service. We are planning to display the Saint in this condition at Didcot over the weekend 17/18 November – she will not operate any trains but will be posed for viewing and photography. She will also not carry the 2999 Lady of Legend plates, but on one side will be 2908 Lady of Quality (the plates of which are in the possession of the Great Western Trust) and on the other side 2983 Redgauntlet with a red background – the latter are replica plates.

The weekend comprises exhibition only days where the history of the Great Western Railway is captured by our unique collection of buildings, locomotives, carriages, wagons and other artefacts.

Our collections are described in detail in the Centre Guide, and in our Guidebook (available for purchase from our shop or at the entrance).

You can walk around the only surviving steam age loco depot in its original condition, and get up close to our large collection of locomotives which are so much more impressive when seen from ground level. Why not explore the rest of the centre including the Archie Trail, the Science Learning & Railways interactive exhibition and visit our shop and refreshment room ?

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Saturday 17th Nov 2018
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Sunday 18th Nov 2018
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