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Victorian Weekend

September 21st & 22nd

Victorian Weekend - September 21st & 22nd

This weekend will be a steam weekend with trains running and with a distinctly Victorian flavour.

At the Centre, we will be joined by The Ragged Victorians - a high-quality, award-winning living history group, who specialise in portraying life as it was for the lower classes in the 1850s.

This was a time of immense hardship for 'the great unwashed', who often had no homes, no income and definitely no benefits system to fall back on.

A shilling was a week's wage, and 'Pure' (dog's dung) was a valuable source of income. Low class Victorians were living by whatever means they could - including labouring on degrading jobs for little or scant reward.

So, come and enjoy an authentic Victorian experience and see how the railways were run in Victorian times.

We plan to run 2999 Lady of Legend and 93 - Steam Railmotor over this weekend and you may ride as many times as you like in our coaches.

This is a Steam Day, so you will be able to view our collections of locomotives, coaches, wagons and buildings as described in the Centre Guide and in our Guidebook (available for purchase from our shop or at the entrance) and enjoy the various facilities and exhibits.

Discover Brunel's Broad Gauge and the 1930s Engine Shed. Visit the GWT Museum and our restoration workshops. Watch the modern passenger and freight trains from our Picnic Area.

You can walk around the only surviving steam age loco depot in its original condition, and get up close to our large collection of locomotives which are so much more impressive when seen from ground level. Why not explore the rest of the centre including the Archie Trail, the Science Learning & Railways interactive exhibition and visit our shop and refreshment room?

In addition, you will be able to:

  • Ride in coaches from the 1930s behind some of our Great Western steam locomotives, or in our Steam Railmotor or Diesel Railcar. We have two running lines, 'The Main Line' and 'The Branch Line' with trains normally running on either or both of them. You may ride as many times as you like as there is no extra charge
  • Watch the trains go past. There are frequent journeys on our running lines so you will have plenty of opportunity to take photos from vantage points alongside the tracks as well as ride on the trains

Check our Locomotive Roster to see what we expect to be running on your next visit.

You can buy tickets online at any time prior to the day of your visit - or buy them at the entrance on arrival.

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