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Bluey & Bingo at Didcot Railway Centre

Buy a Railway Centre ticket for the 20th July and meet the popular TV characters Bluey and Bingo and hear tales of their antics throughout the day.

Bluey and Bingo are two lovable and playful siblings who star in the popular animated children’s television series, “Bluey”. The show is set in a vibrant, imaginative world where the two young Blue Heeler dogs, along with their family and friends, embark on imaginative adventures and learn important life lessons along the way.

Bluey, the elder sister, is a bright and adventurous 6-year-old with boundless energy and a wild imagination. She is a natural leader and often takes charge of the games and activities that she and her younger sister, Bingo, engage in. Bluey is creative, confident, and always up for a new adventure, whether it is exploring the backyard, going on make-believe adventures, or playing imaginative games with her family and friends.

Bingo, the younger sister, is a sweet and curious four-year-old who looks up to her older sister, Bluey. She is full of enthusiasm and is always eager to join in on the fun. Bingo is imaginative, empathetic, and has a unique way of seeing the world around her. She often brings her own perspective and ideas to the games and activities that she and Bluey engage in, adding her own special touch to their adventures.


Travel back in time to the golden age of the Great Western Railway and savour the sights, sounds and smells of steam as you explore this 21-acre living museum with trains dating from Victorian times to the 1960s.

Steam trains will be operating on both of the Centre's two demonstration lines, allowing you to take unlimited rides. The second running line will be running too and may feature a pioneering diesel railcar, a heritage diesel locomotive or a small branchline steam engine. Check our Locomotive Roster to see what we expect to be running on the date of your visit.


Pick up our colourful Centre Guide, explore this 21-acre living museum and unearth almost two centuries of railway history. Get up close and see them at close quarters. Stroll through the original 1932 Engine Shed and see magnificent preserved locomotives – find 5900 Hinderton Hall, climb onto the footplate and listen to Archie, the driver, and Stan, the fireman, prepare their loco! Listen out for the sounds of a working engine shed and see if you can hear Stan fetch his supplies from Jonah, the storeman.

See surviving track from Brunel's Broad Gauge, discover painstakingly restored buildings, coaches and wagons and learn more about the development of railways and how they changed everyday lives.

There's a chance to get hands-on in The Signalling Centre where you can find out how trains have been controlled through the ages. Descend into a shelter* built to keep Didcot's enginemen safe in WWII and experience an air raid or immerse yourself in the varied collection of fascinating, smaller artefacts in the museum. Don't miss the carriage display with coaches dating from Victorian times to the 1940s that evoke bygone eras. See the VIP Saloon reputed to have been used by General Eisenhower during the preparations for D-Day and later used in the GWR Royal Train!

Catch a train and alight at the far end of the site to see the Transfer Shed - where goods were once moved from broad gauge to standard gauge trains. There's a rare section of surviving track from Brunel's Broad Gauge railway, complete with replica Victorian locomotives.


Children can also make tracks to the outdoor play area or dress up as a station master*. You can relax over lunch or enjoy a snack in the refreshment rooms and don't forget to pick up a souvenir in the gift shop. The modern trains running past the centre complete the picture and mean you can experience over 180 years of railway progress in just one day!


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