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- Tuesday Treasure Trove - March 2020

Tuesday Treasure Trove - March 2020

BLOG - Discover fascinating hidden gems from our Museum and Archive

We are very fortunate indeed here at Didcot Railway Centre with our vast collection of historic locomotives, artefacts and memorabilia that forms our world-famous museum telling the story of the Great Western Railway and its employees. For our volunteers and staff there are objects of great interest everywhere around the centre, each item unique to keeping the greatest railway company on the rails.

Our Tuesday Treasures blog is designed to share this vast and historically important collection so enjoy our deep dive into the rich history in our Museum and Archives.



‘Holiday Haunts’ - the perfect way to plan your holiday, or (if you owned a hotel or B&B in the days before online travel agents) ideal for ensuring all your rooms were fully booked!  The Great Western Railway published Holiday Haunts every year, this advertising poster was to drum up advertising entries for the 1938 edition. It was discovered in a loft where parts had been nibbled by mice but has it since been fully restored! 

Who knows, when life returns to normal there may be an opportunity for the modern-day GWR to collaborate with tourism businesses on their patch to help the sector recover? They'll need to drop the rates though, £30 for a full page in 1937 equates to over £2,000 today!



With so many spending more time at home than planned, are you stuck for ideas? Why not do a jigsaw! The Great Western Railway produced a large selection of games and puzzles for their customers, just look at the selection here we have in our Museum and Archive! With brightly coloured pictures of railway scenes and locomotives from the GWR they would keep young minds, and adults,  happy for hours!



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