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No 416 - Dean 4-Wheel Brake Third

A third class carriage with guard’s compartment and four passenger compartments built in July 1891.

No 416 pre-dates the emergency chain inside each compartment which would apply the brakes. Instead No 416 has Harrison’s Patent apparatus of a rope above the windows. In an emergency you need the presence of mind to open the window on the right hand side facing direction of travel and reach up to pull the rope. The rope is wound around a large wheel in the guard’s compartment. As the wheel is turned by the rope it trips a bell to alert the guard, who then applies the brakes and looks for a compartment with a length of rope hanging down outside it. And possibly a panicked passenger waving out of the window. 

No 416 survived by being converted by the GWR into Camp Coach No. 9940, in the 1930s – fitted with bunks and parked in a siding at a picturesque country station where it could be hired for a week or two’s holiday. 

It has been fully restored and entered traffic, albeit without lining and lettering, on 26 September 2009. Final lining out and lettering were completed in August 2010.

Build date
Built at
Original railway
Lot Number
Diag No
31 0.75"
Date Preserved

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