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No 47886 / 2356 - 'Fruit' Van

‘Fruit’ is the GWR telegraphic code for fruit vans - an uncharacteristically obvious code. 

Fruit Vans had louvered sides for ventilation.  It has vacuum brakes, allowing it to run at express speeds in passenger trains.  In later years these vans were reclassified and renumbered in the passenger stock lists and were painted in passenger livery, first crimson lake and then chocolate brown.

47886 is one of twenty vans built in 1892 to Diagram Y2 under lot 638.

This vehicle currently carries a 1904 G.W.R. livery, having previously been restored as a 'brown vehicle' in a later GWR livery and carrying its later number of 2356.

Build date
Built at
GWR Swindon
Lot Number
Diag No

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