Living Museum of the Great Western Railway

2999 - Lady of Legend

This locomotive is currently being built by 'back-converting' Hall Class 4942 'Maindy Hall' which was purchased specifically for this purpose.

Much of the major structural alterations have been undertaken off-site and the locomotive has now returned to Didcot for a simple restoration from Barry hulk condition!

Under Construction
Wheel arrangement
4 - 6 - 0
Barrel diameter
5 feet 6 inches
Barrel length
14 feet 10 inches
Boiler pressure
225 lbs/sq in
Boiler type
Standard No. 1
(2) 18 x 30 inches
Heating surfaces, firebox
155 sq ft
27.1 sq ft
Superheater area
263 sq ft
Tractive effort
23,100 pounds
Heating surfaces, tubes
1,687 sq ft
70 tons 4 cwt.
Wheel diameter
6 feet 8.5 inches

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