Living Museum of the Great Western Railway

5227 - 5205 Class

2-8-0T No 5227 arrived at the railway centre in August 2013, after being used as a source of parts for the project to build the 47xx 2-8-0 No 4709. The locomotive is at present to be displayed in its current condition as a lasting reminder of what things were like in Barry scrapyard and the challenges faced by the preservation movement.

Static Display ('Barry condition')
Build date
Wheel arrangement
2 - 8 - 0T
Route availability
Barrel diameter
5 feet 6 inches
Barrel length
11 feet
Boiler pressure
200 psi
Boiler type
Standard No. 4
Coal capacity
4 tons 0 cwt.
(2) 19 inches x 30 inches
Heating surfaces, firebox
128.72 sq ft
20.56 sq ft
Power class
Superheater area
191.79 sq ft
Tractive effort
33,170 lbs
Heating surfaces, tubes
1349.64 sq ft
Water capacity
1,800 gals
82 tons 2 cwt.
Wheel diameter
4 feet 7.5 inches

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