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1014 - County of Glamorgan

The ‘County’ class of locomotives were the final development, by the GWR, of the 2 cylinder 4-6-0 locomotive, previous examples of which include the ‘Saints’, ‘Halls’, ‘Manors’, ‘Granges’ and ‘Modified Halls’.

The first ‘County’, 1000 ‘County of Middlesex’ was outshopped from Swindon Works in 1945.

A total of 30 County Class locomotives were built between 1945 and 1947. The last of the class was withdrawn in 1964 and all were scrapped. 

GWR 2-cylinder 4-6-0 development is well represented in preservation with several examples of Halls (such as 5900 ‘Hinderton Hall), Manors (such as 7808 ‘Cookham Manor) and Modified Halls (such as 6998 ‘Burton Agnes Hall). However, missing from the list were the Saint, the Grange, and the County. The Great Western Society has built a new Saint - 2999 ‘Lady of Legend and the Betton Grange Society are well on the way to completing their locomotive, so that just leaves a ‘County’ as the missing link ...

1014 ‘County of Glamorgan - David Bradshaw, a GWS member, instigated a proposal to remedy the missing County. He calculated that amongst the last group of unrestored locomotives, once stored in Woodham's scrapyard at Barry, were sufficient standard parts to form a basis for a County - with modifications and some new-build. Consequently the G.W. County Project was launched, to recreate a a Hawksworth ‘County’ 10XX 4-6-0 at Didcot, utilising the frames of a Modified Hall and a Stanier 8F boiler, from which the County boiler was derived.

Marking the contribution of Vale of Glamorgan Council and Barry scrapyard, it was agreed the completed locomotive should bear the identity 1014 ‘County of Glamorgan’. The original locomotive of this name was withdrawn in 1964 and scrapped at Cashmore's in Newport (Mon.).

Shortly before Christmas 2004 agreement was reached with the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Great Western Society to acquire the frames of ‘Modified Hall’ 4-6-0 7927 ‘Willington Hall’ and the boiler from Stanier 8F 2-8-0 48518.

To date a rolling locomotive chassis, a tender chassis and a converted firebox have been completed. Work is well under way on the boiler barrel and the various motion parts, the new tender tank body is to be constructed and work continues with pipework and lubrication systems, the superheater header and a multitude of other fittings.

We estimate that we now only need to raise a further £175,000 to complete the locomotive. You are very welcome to make a one-off contribution on line - or to make a regular contribution, using the appeal form.

For more information about this locomotive, and the latest news on the construction work, see the 1014 ‘County of Glamorgan’ website.

Download the County appeal form (Word format).

Under Construction
Wheel arrangement
4 - 6 - 0
Route availability
Boiler type
Non - GWR
(2) 18. 5 inches x 30 inches
28.8 sq ft
Superheater area
Tractive effort
32,600 lbs
76 tons 17 cwt
Wheel diameter
6 feet 3 inches

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